Friday, August 26, 2011

Still so stressed sometimes...

Hello again...I'm not good about writing super often....

So, I am almost 2 months out from the wedding and I'm kinda going nuts with so much to still figure out. I have most of the invites done and just have to take a completed one to the post office to get weighed and then assemble them and send them out in 2 weeks. I have to finish the favors, get all the stuff for the guys bought/ordered and off my list, figure out all the songs for the DJ, and all kinds of other stuff I can't think of right now.

On top of that, my oldest daughter just started a new school yesterday (we moved at the beginning of summer) so I was so worried about how scared she would be and how she would get along since she's only in 2nd grade. But, luckily she has done wonderful! She said she loves it and couldn't wait to go back.

I'm still fighting with myself on my weightloss goals. I did really well and lost my 5% per Weight Watchers and then got lazy again lol I haven't really put anything back on but I can tell the difference in how I feel with what I'm eating. I'm way more bloated when I'm not paying attention to what I'm eating. So, I'm feeling like crap lately.

And then there is other stress here and there. But, all in all, it's nothing I can't handle just not too excited about much at the moment other then getting this wedding planning done so I can enjoy it!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh to the wedding planning stress....GO AWAY!

Hey there!
Yep, this one is going to be about my continued wedding planning stress....I'm F'ing over it!
I obviously can't go into great and specific detail but it's seriosuly one thing after another.
  • Started with things I've ordered coming in wrong
  • then the budget I had for flowers wasn't enough to get everything I wanted and I'm worried it won't be enough
  • We had to refinance a loan to get what we thought would be enough money to finish paying for the wedding--it isn't
  • I've changed my mind 3 times on centerpieces
  • Need more money for other things so we cut the cake out of the budget and am now doing cupcakes the night before my wedding
And all we flippin want to do it get married. That's it. Nothing else matters to us. Had we known that even our little under $2,000 wedding was going to be this much of a pain in the ass we would have just gotten married in Vegas while we are there on our honeymoon.
So, yeah, not that interesting of a post but I'm stressed to the max and needed to let it all out! Thanks for listening.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hey Hey It's my first Blog Post!

Well, hello there!
So, a little bit about me, I'm a mommy of two girl’s ages 8yr and 4yrs. I've been engaged to my love since December of 2010. We are getting married Nov 5, 2011.
I never thought I'd be this happy. I really really didn't.
It's been a long time coming that's for sure.
I am only 3 weeks shy of 29yrs old and have been married once and engaged once in between my first marriage and now.

I have dealt with moving away from home at 19yrs old, 8hrs away from my family and everything I knew, to get to be with my then husband on his Navy Base.
To then within 1 week of moving finding out we were pregnant.
By the time our daughter was 14months old I was all of a sudden a single mom with no income or place to go.
My whole life changed in a matter of a week once my then husband decided he wasn't happy anymore. It got a lot more complicated but that's in the past and we were young and dumb to be honest.
Now, 10yrs later, we are friends and he has remarried and his wife is a step mom to my kids. She and I have developed a friendship and I'm grateful everyday for how things turned out.

Now, skip to 2years after my first marriage went into the shitter and enter next soon to be ex....
I met this douche bag ( he will be referred to as DB) and he seemed great! I was happy, someone was telling me I was pretty and all seemed just swell....
Well, within 2months of knowing him I got pregnant. I decided it was going to be great and all things would work out this time. So, we moved in together after knowing each other 4months. (Yeah I know right?) We managed to live together for 2 years. Then, I found out he was hooking up with a chick he worked with (I know bad luck with ppl they work with) He denied it, I called him out. Took MY daughters and left.
That was that.

Well, skip now to 2 years after that mess, and we get to last May. When I met the most amazing man of my life. I couldn't have asked for a better partner. We have been inseparable since the day we met. I mean really, we haven't spent longer than 24hrs apart since the day we met. My ex-husband likes him, my daughters love him, my family loves him, and he just fits right in. I mean it's amazing. Like he was supposed to be there all along.
We just moved into a nice big duplex with our girls and it's been wonderful.
I'm planning for the wedding like a crazy person but I love it. I got a new and better job a year ago so that has helped tremendously.
I guess after all that rambling you are caught up on my history ( or as much as I'm gonna tell you hehe) and we can carry on with daily posts about whatever the hell it is I'm thinking about that day!!!
Hope you enjoy and if anyone is actually reading this please feel free to comment!!