Friday, March 23, 2012

Yeah it's really been 4 months....

I know I suck right??

I haven't done anything with this blog since we got married. I do apologize for that! While I'm on the topic of us getting married, here are a couple pictures of that!

It was all amazing!!!!

So, now that we're officially the old married couple ( lol ) we have started the process of trying for a baby. We already have my two daughters but he and I wanted to complete our family with one together.
It's been a bit of a roller coaster ride. I had to come off of my birth control (Mirena IUD) and get some clearance from the doctors since we had some issues. But, once that was all done I thought it would be all great with tons of sexy time.....
Yeah not so much. I mean it's great that we get to have the sexy time a lot but it's been difficult. My hormones have been insane and I haven't enjoyed this adjustment at all. I also stopped taking my anxiety meds on top of stopping my birth control and to top it off I'm taking a low dose blood pressure medicine....
I've been a ton of fun lately.
So, while stressing over my cycles being screwed up and just wanting to be pregnant, I've been doing the normal work and work and work.
I wish I could take another honeymoon, cause real life is exhausting lol

I've got nothing much going on right now other than enjoying being a Mrs. and a mommy and hoping for another little one to call me momma :)


  1. hopefully things will calm down for you soon..good luck, and enjoy this time as a new family with hopefully another baby on the way soon!

  2. What a beautiful bride - loove your dress!! And your groom and groomsmen were adorable with the hats and sneaks :)

  3. Thanks!!!! My love always wears a ALWAYS lol so we decided we'd incorporate it!