Friday, October 28, 2011

Week before..holy crap!

Yep, that's right 8 days from today and I will be getting married!

I simply can NOT wait. I am so very excited!
But, I'm mostly excited to have it over with lol 
I know, I know, it's such an amazing time and don't wish it away blah blah frickin blah....I'm tired of nonstop stress and just want to be married. 
That's all ,just want to be a married woman and be in Vegas on our honeymoon. 

Everything is coming together. I mean it's really all together. Just waiting on the day. 
I figured out my "Day of" schedule and timeline. That was a relief. Still trying to figure out who is staying at home and who has to find somewhere else to stay the night before since we aren't seeing each other until ceremony time after the rehearsal. That's the most stress we have. 

I'm considering ourselves pretty lucky and thank my wonderful weddingbee girls and all my friends for all their help and planning ideas. There is now way I would be done and just kinda hanging out without them. 

So, with that, I say

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